Receive the best possible nutritional support and advice regarding fertility, pregnancy, balanced cycles, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, thyroid conditions, stress and other areas of female health. Wild Nutrition founder, Henrietta Norton BSc DipNT, has personally selected an exceptional team of female nutritional health experts who share her vision and approach to nutritional therapy.




Henrietta Norton BSc DipNT




We offer one to one consultations with our female nutritional health experts at our three clinics based in London and Sussex. You can also book Skype or telephone appointments, giving you the option to receive world class nutritional advice and support in the comfort of your home - or even at your workplace.

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We offer an exclusive introductory offer to all of our new clients. On completion of your first appointment we offer a months supply of complimentary supplements from the Wild Nutrition range. See our terms & conditions for details.

Complimentary products

Complimentary products








Our Nutritional Therapists at Wild Clinics have been chosen for their discerning approach to functional nutritional testing, choosing the most appropriate health tests for each individual. There are any number of ways to test certain nutrients or biochemical markers and only by selecting the correct method may an accurate reflection of a client’s situation be obtained.

Benefits of functional and nutritional testing?

For some clients, as part of your Wild Clinics therapy action plan, it may be helpful for you to undergo tests that are not offered by your GP or through your surgery/hospital, although in many cases we always aim to start with your GP so it’s more cost effective for you.

Wild Clinics use the most advanced and respected medical laboratories for analysis of body chemistry and function. These laboratories are headed by medical and nutritional research teams and used by nutritional therapists, medical physicians and other health practitioners. Health tests are continually being developed and Wild Clinic practitioners regularly attend training with these laboratories to maintain their high level of understanding and stay abreast of the latest developments in research. 

Our role as a skilled Wild Clinic practitioner is to interpret these results, apply them to your symptoms and provide appropriate dietary and lifestyle support as a result. 

Tests may require a sample of blood, urine, hair, salvia or stools. Some tests require clients to visit a laboratory while many are easily conducted in the comfort of their own home.

  • Test results may give helpful general insight which forms part of your unique health picture. This is especially important when an issue is suspected from symptoms, but a test would allow a more confirmed position. This allows the practitioner to choose the most accurate way forward.
  • Regular testing provides a means of monitoring change and progress, where a before, during and after view can be helpful.

  • Tests may identify your levels of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. This is particularly helpful if there are suspected issues of deficiency, insufficiency or even excess.

  • Functional tests may give us a very comprehensive picture of the digestive system, neurotransmitter function or hormonal changes (such as the sex, adrenal and thyroid hormones) that may be affecting your mood, sleep or menstrual cycle, for example, that would otherwise have been missed in standard testing. Sophisticated private testing is able to show shifts and changes over a period of time which can be more accurate than one single measurement.

  • Tests may help to identify how well you tolerate certain foods or food groups.

  • Tests for genetic variations can empower you with the knowledge to adapt your diet and lifestyle in a way that will optimise your health and offer prevention against disease.

  • At certain life stages (e.g. pre-conception, menopause), tests may be helpful to optimize health during that specific stage

Your practitioner will speak to you about testing, if required, during your consultation. Please note that the price of tests is not included in your fees for the consultation.

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Our philosophy


Our support is client-centred, putting you at the centre of the consultation and recognising your unique biochemical status as well as any nutritional, immunological, detoxification, endocrine and gastro-intestinal imbalances.

We believe that lifestyle, as well as diet, plays a big part in health. We help you to understand this and how lifestyle changes can support all areas of health including emotional and psychological well-being.

This means the practitioners will be interested in more than just what you are eating. They will be examining the psychological and social aspects of your relationship to food and diet and how this informs your choices and habits. They will be learning about you as a person – what your life is like and how this influences your current health picture and potential to achieve personal health and lifestyle goals. For example, we care if you get enough sleep, are you happy in your job or personal life.

Where appropriate the team will inform your GP or other medical consultants of the treatment plan with your consent. This open communication encourages a collaborative approach to support your wellbeing. We also work in close company with other health specialists and where necessary may recommend you for supportive treatment such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, cranial osteopathy, counselling, yoga and more.


“Over the last 10 years working in women’s health I have deepened my vision to create a space for women that nurtures and balances their mind, body and soul. To provide a space to navigate the complexities of your health with a highly trained, soul-ful practitioner. Wild Clinics is this vision. We believe in an intelligent and heartfelt approach to health and well-being that encompasses nourishment through food, spiritual growth and emotional happiness. Underpinning everything we do, is our desire to help you find more health, balance and happiness so you can live to your fullest self.”

Henrietta Norton BSc DipNT, Wild Nutrition Founder & Technical Director

Wild Clinics redefines nutrition practice, uniting a functional medicine approach with the fundamental need to view health as a ‘whole-body’ experience, respecting the influence of the mind, body and spirit. We refer to this approach as 360° Wellness. Henrietta Norton’s team at Wild Clinics also incorporates the principles of Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition. They both promote that therapeutic protocols should address root causes rather than just symptoms.

This fuses the latest research in nutritional medicine combined with the wisdom of healing through traditional natural approaches.





Each therapist at Wild Clinics has been carefully selected by Henrietta Norton for their advanced knowledge of evidence-based nutritional science, significant experience and warmth of personality to provide unparalleled nutrition and lifestyle support to nurture women through every stage of life.

Our team follow the the principles of Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition. Both these principles promote that therapeutic protocols should address root causes rather than just symptoms. The practice focus is on prevention and restoring health by understanding biochemical individuality.

Practitioners are able recommend and interpret functional and nutritional health tests.

Practitioners maintain their professional practice and high level of understanding by regularly attending training with laboratories, established health institutes and nutritional or medical seminars. This enables them to keep up to date with latest research, practical applications and, most importantly, safe practice.

Practitioners teach and lecture to medical and nutritional professionals, members of the public and are regularly sought after as nutrition experts by the media.


Henrietta Norton
Nutrition Director

  • Registered nutritional therapist
  • 13 years clinical experience
  • Functional Medicine AFMCP graduate
  • Registered Foresight Preconception Practitioner
  • Currently completing MSc in Nutritional Medicine 

Key areas of expertise

  • Expert on endometriosis nutrition
  • Hormonal, menstrual, gynecological health conditions (including PCOS)
  • Female support (teenage > menopausal years)
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Fertility, pregnancy and motherhood nutrition
  • Infant and children's health

Other areas of expertise

  • Founder and product formulator at Wild Nutrition
  • Author of Take Control of Your Endometriosis and Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide.
  • Expert comprehension of the uses and benefits of Food-Grown® nutrients

"My background is as a Mental Health Consultant, PCP Psychologist and a UKCP and EAP registered psychotherapist. I have worked in this field for 35 years with a special interest in the effects of food and hormones on mental health.I wrote an NHS approved Care Programme for the treatment of eating disorders in a therapeutic community addressing the whole person instead of just the disordered behaviour.  It is from this professional experience as well as a personal viewpoint that I can thoroughly endorse the work of Henrietta and her team. Henrietta is an outstanding clinician and therapist with a rare wisdom and grace in her work, She combines integrity and knowledge with compassion and generosity and I have no hesitation in recommending her and her team to those in need of her help and advice." Eileen Murphy, clinical Psychologist.

Lorna Driver-Davies
Senior Nutritional Therapist

  • Registered naturopathic nutritional therapist
  • 8 years clinical experience
  • Herbal medicine dispenser
  • Previously worked with Henrietta at Grace Belgravia Medical Clinic

Key areas of expertise

  • Female support (teenage > menopausal years)
  • Adrenal gland and thyroid health
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Hormonal, menstrual and gynecological health conditions (including PCOS & endometriosis)
  • The fertility and pregnancy journey 
  • Herbal medicine and botanicals

Other areas of expertise

  • Recognises the role of the immune system, the digestive system, detoxification and genetics in hormone health. 
  • Excellent experience with special dietary protocols
  • A thorough understanding of the benefits of Food-Grown® nutrients

“I am honored to have Lorna Driver-Davies as a Senior Nutritional Therapist at Wild Clinics. Not only has Lorna achieved a wealth of experience and knowledge during her time in nutritional therapy, she is also an intuitive and warm-hearted woman who deeply appreciates the unique and multi-dimensional aspects of each client, working with them to reach balance in body mind and spirit. She is a natural extension of the philosophy from which Wild Clinics was born”.


Corinna Kitchen
BA (Hons), MIOBM
Biodynamic Therapy

  • Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist

  • 12 years clinical experience

  • Biodynamic massage therapist

Biodynamic therapies help to treat unwanted symptoms, support you in challenges you may be facing by creating a safe space for you to explore, share and unload the issues, empowering you to take control and bring joy to your life.

Bio-dynamic Therapy can help with:

  • Personal development

  • Dealing with challenging emotions, loss or relationships

  • Decision making when at a crossroads in life or feeling stuck

  • Creating a space where you feel empowered to take control and bring satisfaction to life

  • Helping you to feel calm and balanced if experiencing stress or worry

Corinna tailors each session - maybe you need to spend time talking about something affecting you mentally or physically or perhaps you have a condition or pain that you need help with. Or, you simply need to stop, rest and let the stresses and strains of life fall away.

Once your needs are understood, biodynamic massage treatment will start. Corinna uses a stethoscope to listen to the sounds of your gut. This provides crucial diagnostic feedback and guides effective treatment.

“Over the 14 years of experience i have had in practice i have acquired a deep appreciation of the multidimensional aspect of each human. Simply, we are not what we eat as commonly stated; we are what we eat, believe, experience, think and feel. Corinna's work is quite simply extra-ordinary, she has a gifted ability to talk directly to the soul and support a return to balance at the deepest level. Corinna's work completes our 360 offering at Wild Clinics, working gently yet deeply on those aspects of your thoughts of experiences that may be hindering your ability to health."


Marianne Grechko
Nutritional Therapist

  • Registered naturopathic nutritional therapist

  • Wild Clinics practitioner at Grace Belgravia Medical Clinic

  • 5 years of experience in natural health industry, with 3.5 years as a lead ambassador and product trainer for Wild Nutrition

Key areas of expertise

  • Female hormone support (age 21 > menopausal years)

  • The fertility and pregnancy journey 

  • Digestive and gastrointestinal health

Other areas of expertise

  • Stress and fatigue

  • Mindful/intuitive eating and support with eating disorders

  • Acne and healthy skin protocols

“Marianne has been a greatly valued member of my team at Wild Nutrition for many years. Her passion for nutrition combined with her innate wisdom and intellect has made her the perfect candidate to train and complete her training in Nutritional Therapy. As a warm-hearted, intuitive and intelligent Nutritional Therapist, Marianne joins and deeply enriches our offering at the Wild Clinic at Grace Belgravia"




We offer a tiered fee system based on the experience and expertise of the consultant. Typically, our clients require a follow-up appointment in order to discuss any test results or to review a clients progress. If your consultant recommends that you have investigative tests then these may require an additional fee, payable to the clinic or organisation that carries out the tests.




Please call +44 (0) 1273 477898 or email enquiries@wildclinics.com

Our Wild Clinic concierge will help you to select the expert therapist most suited to support your health needs and book the appropriate consultation for you; at a Wild Clinic, via Telephone or via Skype. 




Wild Clinic, Lewes East Sussex   Nestled at the foot of the South Downs, our flagship clinic is home to many of our nutritional experts including Henrietta Norton BSc DipNT, Wild Nutrition Founder & Head Technician.   

Wild Clinic, Lewes
East Sussex

Nestled at the foot of the South Downs, our flagship clinic is home to many of our nutritional experts including Henrietta Norton BSc DipNT, Wild Nutrition Founder & Head Technician.


Wild Clinic, Grace Belgravia Belgravia, London   Grace Belgravia is London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women built on the philosophy that to thrive in today’s busy world we need to invest in our greatest asset, our health. 

Wild Clinic, Grace Belgravia
Belgravia, London

Grace Belgravia is London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women built on the philosophy that to thrive in today’s busy world we need to invest in our greatest asset, our health.