Henrietta Norton
BSc Dip NT
Nutrition Director

Henrietta Norton is an experienced Nutritional Therapist in women’s nutrition, children's nutrition, pregnancy and fertility. She is a health writer and author of Take Control of Your Endometriosis and Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide. She is also Co-Founder of Food-Grown® supplement brand Wild Nutrition®


Lorna Driver-Davies
BA (Hons), HD, DHNP
Senior Nutritional Therapist

Lorna believes in bringing science and nature together to create the most effective nutritional programme. Clients' programmes are created from understanding established nutritional science and research and laboratory analysis as well as looking at how dietary, lifestyle and a holistic approach to food and eating patterns may be incorporated to support optimal health. 


Anoushka Davy
Nutritional Therapist

Anoushka is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach specialising in gut and mental health. She looks at the interaction of different body systems and uses her understanding of functional testing to assess chemical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, potential food intolerances or allergies, environmental factors and genetic dispositions that may be affecting your wellbeing.


Karen Alexander
MSc BA (Hons) NTDip mBANT
Nutritional Therapist

Karen is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition and special interest in thyroid health having studied this area for many years and as part of her masters. She is passionate about helping people using her knowledge of nutritional science and functional medicine to promote health, vitality and performance.